A Comparative Study of Security Features in FreeBSD and OpenBSD

University essay from Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Magnus Persson; [2006]

Keywords: FreeBSD; OpenBSD; UNIX; SEBSD; TrustedBSD;

Abstract: Security in operating systems is a highly topical subject nowadays as the Internet keeps expanding. The larger the Internet gets the more systems, with valuable information, get connected, which could be subjects of attacks. An operating system needs to protect its information from these attacks. Many servers are using UNIX based operating systems and the security in these systems is a widely discussed topic. This project is going to test and investigate the security in two of the most common UNIX distributions, both based on the Berkley Software Distribution (BSD). The selected systems are FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The Add-on called TrustedBSD/SEBSD for FreeBSD will also be a subject for this project. A comparison of the security features in the two systems was performed both theoretically and practically and this report reflects the results of these experiments and comparisons. A conclusion is that each system suits best in different environments with different needs. The selected distributions also have different level of security in specific areas. An introduction to security in operating systems on a general basis is provided before the actual comparison begins.

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