E-business – A Sharing Information System

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Handels- och IT-högskolan

Abstract: Today many companies show a highly interest in adopting the e-business. However,companies need different information system strategy in the adoption of e-business in order tosupport information sharing. Information system strategy is concerned with aligning ofinformation system with business needs. Beside this, companies need to search after strategicadvantage from information technology, since information system strategy explains what todo with IT. The earlier experiences point to the fact that companies failed to develop theirbusinesses through Internet mainly because they did not developed an appropriate strategy.This study investigates how to implement information system strategy to support informationsharing in the context of e-business. Thus, the purpose of this study is to highlight differentperspectives in adaptation of information system strategy within e-business companies. Theempirical study is based on a qualitative method of data collection by using three interrelatedcase studies. The study conducted a number of interviews with three e-business companiesnamed Hööks, NetOnNet and Kwintet.The theoretical framework provided knowledge about e-business, information sharing, andinformation system strategies. The findings - by means of interview questions - were analyzedby theoretical ideas. The authors came to a number of conclusions:1. Perspectives in information system strategy are divided into different parts consist ofERP system, supporting system, and manual approach, depending on how the ebusinesscompanies uses the information system strategies.2. Information system strategies are embedded with ERP system and are interconnectivelyused companies that use the e-business as their core business system.3. The e-business provides information workflow to support information sharing.4. The final conclusion is that there are remaining perspectives, which are not connectedto ERP system, but they are vital for the implementation of information systemstrategies for information sharing.

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