Public and Private Schools in Afghanistan : Comparing some aspects of public and private schools in Kabul city

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet

Author: Kulsoom Saffarudin Sherani; [2014]

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The aim of this study is to explore similarities and differences between private and public schools in Kabul city. Data was collected using questioner and structured interviews. Principals, teachers, parents and students of grade six were the participants of the research. This research focuses on: Curricula, textbooks, and media of instruction, teachers’ education and experiences as well as student’s gender, socio-economic background and distribution within the two types of schools. Advantages of private schools over public schools were also studied from the perspective of teachers, students and parents.

During this research, some important points of similarities and differences were found, such as discipline, daily study time in schools, parental involvement, completion of syllabi, students’ parents’ socio-economic background, and teachers’ views on the growth of private schools, etc. It was found that classroom facilities, parental involvement, completion of syllabi are better in private schools than public schools. In private schools, additional textbooks on science, computer and English language are taught. In public schools, on the other hand, due to the short time of study, students are unable to finish all subjects in the respective academic year. While both of the school types follow ministry of education defined curriculum. There is a mix approach towards both the school types by the middle class members of the society. Meanwhile Private schools may be exploiting their teachers for giving them lesser salaries as compared to the teachers of the public schools. Private school teachers are paid less salary than the business value a private school may have; despite the fact that they teach for longer hours during the day.

As Afghanistan is already suffering from difference of opinions on national and international issues because of the different curriculums taught in different schools by different organizations during the war. Some of the differences found in this research as well are of significance and may lead to the graduation of students with additional advantages of stronger English and IT skills. This could disadvantage the public school students.

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