Lean in Swedish municipalities -A study of Swedish municipalities that are practicing the lean concept

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Objectives:Lean is a management control concept that has become popularwithin service producing organizations. This study focuses on municipalities, amongservice organizations, and aims to investigate the presence of lean in Sweden´smunicipalities. Through a literature review we will identify different focus areas fromthe lean literature based on the most common used variables of the concept. With theground in these variables that are relevant for a service purpose we will examinewhich variables within these focus areas that the municipalities have adopted andhave chosen to practice, and if, to which extent they are practicing them. Finally, thestudy will examine lean in municipalities from a Public Management Perspective, tose how the employees that practice lean, value the different variables in the aspect ofbecoming effective and thereby if the concept can contribute to more effectiveprocesses in the public sector.Methodology:We carried out an examination of the municipalities in Sweden.The municipalities were contacted over telephone to find out whether the municipalitypracticed lean. If so, they were emailed our web survey with questions about the leanconcept. Thereafter, the answers were collected, the result was compiled and finallyanalyzed.Findings:We got in contact with 242 out of 290 existing municipalities. Out ofthe 242 contacted municipalities; 64 of them answered that they practiced the leanconcept; 36 of them answered our web survey. The municipalities had eitherimplemented lean in the whole municipality or in different departments. The resultsshowed that municipalities have to a high extent adopted the lean concept in a similarway. All respondents answered that they practiced all the variables of lean to sameextent, with a few exceptions. The different variables were also practiced to more orless the same extent. The respondents answered that all the different variables had ahigh importance of becoming more effective and that the lean concept had contributedto more effectiveness where it was practiced.Originality:This is not the first essay to examine the lean concept in Swedishmunicipalities. However, the lack of research that focuses on an overall perspectiveamong municipalities inspired us to fill this gap.

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