RTIC Scope : Real-Time Tracing for the RTIC RTOS Framework

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik

Author: Viktor Sonesten; [2022]

Keywords: embedded-rust; cortex-m; rtic; rtos; tracing;

Abstract: Work done at Luleå Technical University regarding the RTIC RTOS framework is expanded upon to yield a convenient toolset for event-based instrumentation by exploiting debug peripherals available on the ARMv7-M platform. By parsing the source of an RTIC application and recovering instrumentation metadata from user-supplied information, the target-emitted trace stream is decoded and mapped to RTIC task events, yielding a timeline of events that can be analyzed live and postmortem by help of a recording host-side daemon. Relevant sections of the ARMv7-M standard are covered, and peripheral configuration covered in detail. An instrumentation result of a trivial RTIC application is presented and graphically plotted to exemplify the value of the toolset, and topics of future work to improve the toolset are outlined.

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