Funding Model Strategies – a Case Study on a German MEMS Start-up

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the strategic consequences of using strategic alliance, as an alternative to private equity to satisfy SMI’s short and long term funding and growth. Methodology: The thesis is based on a single case study within the sponsor company. Action research with a scenario based questionnaire was used to collect empirics, primarily from the management group but also other stakeholders. Theory: Theory about high-tech markets is used to explain industry specific symptoms. The resource based view gives the framework for the theory and guides the discussion about key resources and the theory about strategic alliances and private equity high-light advantages and drawbacks between them. Empiric: The empiric is driven by the scenario questionnaire and the deep-interviews and examines the industry background and strategic issues at the sponsor company. The identified key resources are explained and studied. Strategic alliances and private equity examples from the MEMS industry is illustrated. Conclusions: The authors propose a business model for SMI and how this should be combined with venture capital and private equity to get the best leverage on controlled resources and acquire missing resources.

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