Improving motion tracking using gyroscope data in Augmented Reality applications

University essay from KTH/Datorseende och robotik, CVAP


As commissioned by Bontouch AB, this project contains the attempt to create an Augmented Reality application for smartphones, where a parcel is visualised in order for a user to get a comprehensive image of the parcel size. The main focus of the project was to create an eectively running en- gine that can process images for computer vision, in order to determine the pose of the smartphone camera. The experi- ment explored the possibilities of using gyroscope measure- ments between input images in order to formulate valid as- sumptions of upcoming images using homographies. These assumptions were meant to unburden the computer vision engine, creating very high performance. The ultimate goal of the engine was to track the motion of a known reference object in the image, with high precision.

The proposed method performed adequately, improving reliability of the motion tracking algorithms. The resulting mobile application, run on an iPhone 5S, could perform camera pose estimation at up to 60 times per second, at a video camera feed resolution of 1280x720 pixels. This high performance resulted in a very stable rendition of the parcel. 

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