3D Visualization in booking systems

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik

Author: Erik Okfors; [2019]

Keywords: 3D Visualization; UX; JavaScript; AngularJS; ThreeJS;

Abstract: The use of 3D in web applications became available in the mid 1990's with the release of VRML. Today the use of 3D is very common even with web application, and three.js and Babylon.js has become some of the most popular 3D libraries to support the creation of 3D within web services. This project was created together with Explizit Solution AB to test if 3D can improve the user experience within booking systems. The project was to be integrated with Explizit's booking system Adoxa, and make comparisons with a version called Ånghästen which exists in Adoxa. This project was a front end development as the back end already existed within Adoxa, and a survey was made with 15 participants where they tested the original Ånghästen and the new 3D version, and filled out a question form based on that test. The result of the application was a front end 3D visualization of the original Ånghästen. The result of the survey showed that most participants preferred the new 3D version over the original one, and also stated that they would most likely continue to use a 3D application if it was designed well. Many bugs and fixes were discovered during the testing and survey and future work includes continuing to fix these and to make it more dynamic for multiple activities.

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