Implementation and simulation of HSDPA functionality with ns-2

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik


Enhanced packet-data access is a trend in third generation mobile communication system. WCDMA Release 5 introduces HSDPA (High Speed Packet Data Access) with a brand new downlink transport channel HS-DSCH (High Speed Downlink Shared Channel) into 3GPP specification to provide greater capacity. HS-DSCH supports some new feature such as fast link adaptation, fast scheduling and fast HARQ (hybrid ARQ) so as to increase system performance. It efficiently improves power utilization, shortens retransmission time and increases system throughput.

The focus for this thesis is implementation and simulation of HSDPA functionality with ns-2. There is some previous work has been done, such as EURANE. EURANE is an end to end extension which adds several HSDPA modules to ns-2. This paper addresses the analysis of HSDPA by simulating on HS-DSCH based on EURANE, and extends the power consumption on HS-DSCH.

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