Identifying and Managing system weaknesses and challenges for a successful Renewable Energy Technologies’ deployment in Small Island Developing States

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: Dependence on fossil fuel is an issue for the many countries, it is particularly challenging for Small Island Developing States. Reliance on fossil fuel is becoming for many SIDS an economic burden. Due to the constant fluctuation in oil prices which leads to high fuel prices, high cost of living, and high electricity bills when the price of this commodity is high. This results in constant pressure on the government to provide more subsidies; which is not a long term economic solution. As a result many SIDS have started to see the benefits of harnessing the local energy resources they possess as a means to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel, diversify their energy mix and ensure long term energy security for their country. The introduction of Renewable Energy is seen as an economic viable solution in this uncertain environment. This study identifies the potential of Renewable Energy in the Islands of Seychelles, the barriers faced by the country in deploying Renewable Energy technology to harness such potential and also provide solutions and recommendations to create a more enabling environment for the deployment of Renewable Energy. To assess the potential, the barriers and provide solutions an analytical framework was developed to analyse the data collected and findings from the research. The main framework for analysing the local energy system and identify the barriers to Renewable Energy, is the Innovation system framework and to assess the Renewable Energy potential an adapted framework from Mundaca et al. and Van Alphen et al. was used. Findings from the research show that there is potential in the Seychelles for the deployment of Renewable Energy technologies. However the barriers identified if not managed appropriately will lead to the failure of the emerging innovation system. Keywords: Renewable Energy, Innovation System, Renewable energy Technology, SIDS, Energy diversification

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