Integrating yoga as a method in clinical social work dealing with addiction : Bridging Eastern and Western perspective. Annika Wincent

University essay from Ersta Sköndal högskola/Institutionen för socialvetenskap


In this thesis it will be discussed whether the body-mind-spirit aspect is a missing component in Western methods in clinical social work and if yoga could contribute to a more holistic multi model in this area. Yoga includes physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation and attitudes in life of no harming of oneself or any living being. Yoga invites the practitioner to enhance the selfdiscipline and control over and regulation of impulses, thoughts and feelings. In the result it will be presented in what way this Eastern discipline have influenced the participants recovery. It will be discussed weather yoga is a tool to get in contact with the body, breath and mind and if the enhanced awareness helps to control anger, stress, anxiety and craving - overwhelming feelings that can be triggers for a substance abuse. The thesis is a qualitative study with the aim of exploring the experience of yoga as a complimentary method in addiction recovery. The interviews were conducted in three different rehab centres of Kripa Foundation in India in form of focus groups and individual interviews.

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