Bortom historiens slut : En jämförande undersökning av nio U-länders demokratiska utveckling

University essay from Växjö universitet/Institutionen för samhällsvetenskap

Abstract: Bortom historien slut – Beyond the end of history According to Robert Dahl there are seven criteria that have to be fulfilled in order for a state to be democratic. Dahl also states that there are several factors that effect the development of democracy. In today’s world it is mostly developing countries that have failed to bring about democratic changes. It is the developing country that is in focus in this thesis. The purpose is to examine if there are any particularly advantageous factors that can bring about or promote the development of democratic institutions. The questions are: What factor has effected the development of democratic institutions? Which, if any, of Dahl’s seven criteria is found within each state today?; do they correctly reflect the democratic situation? Can any connection between the states democratic development be found in a comparison? In a comparison between nine countries the different factors have been examined. The result shows that pluralism is a key factor for development of democracy in a developing country. External influence is on the other hand not important. Keywords: developing countries, democratization, Robert Dahl Nyckerlord: utvecklingsländer, demokratisering

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