Information Technology For E-learning in Developing C

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Handels- och IT-högskolan

Abstract: E-learning is a rapidly emerging concept facilitating learners in the field of education. Continuous advancements in information technologies are enhancing the possibilities of its growth. Developed countries have realised its strength and adopted it warmly but in developing countries it is still a new concept. There are many limitations in developing countries for its implementation and growth. In my research I have identified the core limitations associated with the growth of E-learning in developing countries and found out some possible solutions. I have selected different subject areas which can support in solving my research questions. In the textual analysis I have found that different cultural, technological and awareness problems are creating obstacles for its implementation. In the empirical survey these problems are verified from the students and teachers who are associated with E-learning and would like to see its implementation in developing countries. In the results of my research findings I have shown how information technology can be helpful for enhancing the possibilities of E-learning and identified how sub systems of E-learning can support its growth.

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