Patient Empowerment and User Experience in eHealth Services : A Design-Oriented Study of eHealth Services in Uppsala County Council

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media


In November 2012 Uppsala County Council (UCC) introduced an eHealth service, ‘My Health Record’, that gives all inhabitants over age 18 in Uppsala County access to their health records online. However, this service has not been evaluated before this study. We conducted an interview study, based on User Experience (UX) and Patient empowerment, with users of ‘My Health Record’ to get their opinions, and to see if and how the service can be improved. Our findings shows that the users are positive to the service and the aspects that can be improved mostly concern information and communication. Based on these results, we propose design principles as well as concrete design proposals which can be useful for re-designing the service as well as inspiration for similar projects. Additionally, an interesting finding is that the interviewees had very few opinions and complains on the actual interface, which could mean that the content (the health record) is so interesting that the interface becomes almost “invisible”. A conclusion we make is that UX and Patient empowerment is a good fit for each other, and that UX has advantages over traditional usability in services like this. 

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