Dynamics of magnetic nanostructures

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Materialfysik

Author: Julia Liljestrand; [2016]

Keywords: Spin ice; Micromagnetism; Simulations;


Magnetic nanostructures provide the opportunity to investigate a number ofmagnetic phenomena, and are of interest for their possible future applicationsin technology. In this project, the ferromagnetic response (FMR) of magnetic nanostructures to an electromagnetic excitation has been investigated using the micromagnetic simulations program Mumax3. The magnetic nanostructures in question were lattices of stadium shaped magnetic islands known as square articial spin ice. They are often characterized by the vortex in which four islands meet. Depending on the number of magnetic moment directed inwards or outwards from the vortex, four main vortex types can be created according to their magnetic energy. Lattices of square articial spin ice can exhibit articial magnetic monopoles connected by Dirac strings. Four congurations of square articial spin ice were investigated: a single stadium shaped island, two single vertices of different types, a lattice of 24 magnetic islands with two different spacings and types of center vertices, and a lattice of 60 magnetic islands for the case of inserted Dirac strings. The FMR spectra of these structures reveal several resonant modes of different intensities and frequencies. Of particular interest is the relationship between the intensity of a particular resonant mode and the number of inserted stings of reversed magnetization for the 4-by-4 lattice.

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