Design of an integrated voltage regulator

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik


Many analog systems need a stable power supply voltage that does not vary with temperature and time in order to operate properly. In a battery operated system the battery voltage is not stable, e.g. it decreases with decreasing temperature and with ageing. In that case a voltage regulator must be used, that regulates the battery voltage and generates a stable supply voltage to power other circuitry.

In this thesis a voltage regulator to be used in a battery operated system has been designed which meets the given specification of stability and power capabilities. A voltage reference, which is a commonly used devise in analog circuits, was also designed. The role of a reference voltage in an electrical system is the same as for a tuning fork in a musical ensemble; to set a standard to which other voltages are compared.

A functionality to detect when the lifetime of the battery is about to run out was also developed.

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