Landsbygdsföretagerskan : en fallstudie om den kvinnliga företagarens livsform på landsbygden

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: This study is about the female entrepreneur in rural areas in Sweden. Five women were interviewed with the aim to examine their way of living (livsform), their motivation, what significance it is to be a woman in business and how female entrepreneurs can be encouraged to start their own business. The conclusions : • The women in this study live an independent life , but the their way of life (livsform) has changed during their life • Female entrepreneurship can be promoted trough greater knowledge of the female business, better advice to the entrepreneurs, more networking groups and reducing bureaucracy. • The driving forces for the women is to do what they like and are interested in, at the same time as they have time for the family and children. They also like to work in the rural areas. • Female entrepreneurship can be promoted through greater knowledge of female businesses in the community, by creating virtual meeting places such as networking groups and mentor groups on internet. It would also be easier if the administrative work could decrease.

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