Women,Peace and Casamance - A field study of how women organisations in Casamance, Senegal are working for peace.

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This thesis is a field study which was conducted for 10 weeks in the regional capital city of Casamance named Ziguinchor in Senegal. By using tools from feminist critical theory and methodology such as participatory observations and feminist in-depth interviews with women organisations in Ziguinchor, the purpose of the thesis is to understand how gender roles affect women and women organisations strive for peace. The thesis has a second purpose which is an attempt to reconceptualise the concept of Gender-just-peace. The finding of the thesis is worrying, embedded gender roles in the Senegalese society and the patriarchal system dominate, making it difficult for women to gain access and agency in the peace process. However, the thesis also shows the diversity of women organisations work and how they strive to gain agency and how they little by little are gaining ground by being organised around a common ground; Women’s Platform for Peace in Casamance.

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