Automatic Tuning of a KaMeWa Waterjet servo

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för reglerteknik

Abstract: A water jet is a propulsion system for vessels. The principle of water jet is to admit water into the hull, then add head to the water via the impeller and then let the water go through a guide vane package and then discharge it at the stern. The reaction force will bring the vessel into motion.
KaMeWa Group, a Vickers company who manufactures water jet propulsion systems, initiated the work. This thesis discuss dynamic modeling of the system and design of a controller for the water jet with automatic tuning. The purpose of the auto-tuning is to get an objective, personal depending tuning of the system. It will also save precious time at the trail trips.
First of all a short description of a commercial KaMeWa water jet system is given. Then the identification of the system is briefly discussed. The next section deals with the PID-controller and aspects there of. Eventually the automatic tuning is described. The code of the auto-tuner, both C and matlab, is incorporated in the appendix.

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