SEMarbeta: Mobile Sketch-Gesture-Video Remote Support for Car Drivers

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Abstract: Uneven knowledge distribution is often an issue in remote support systems, and thissometimes creates the need for additional information layers extending beyond plainvideoconference and shared workspaces. This paper introduces SEMarbeta, a remotesupport system designed for car drivers in need of help from an office-boundprofessional expert. We introduce a design concept and its technical implementationusing low-cost hardware and augmented reality techniques. In this setup, the driver usesa portable Android tablet PC while the helper uses a stationary computer equipped witha xxx-mounted video camera capturing his gestures. Hence, oral instructions can becombined with supportive sketches and gestures added by the helper to the car-sidevideo screenshot. To validate this concept we carried out a user-study involving twotypical automotive repair tasks: checking engine oil and examining fuses. Based on thesetasks and following a between-group (drivers and helpers) design, we compared voiceonlywith additional sketch- and gesture-overlay on video screenshot measuringobjective and perceived quality of help. Results indicate that sketch- and gesture-overlaycan benefit remote car support in typical breakdown situations.

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