Radio Communication for PIE -  a Tiny Timber Interface

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för Informationsvetenskap, Data– och Elektroteknik (IDE)

Abstract: Tiny Timber is a very lightweight, real-time kernel for small, event-driven embedded systems.  It implements reactive objects as a way of structuring embedded software. These objects are components that react to incoming events by updating their internal state and issuing an outgoing event. Implementing a control system based on reactive objects enhances the reactivity of the system and it helps to optimize the energy consumption, as the system goes to sleep mode when there is nothing to react to. It is also a programming technique that facilitates the organization of the program. In this project, we develop a device driver for radio communication with a Tiny Timber interface. This is an extension to the Platform for Intelligent Embedded (PIE) system which is a robot assembled and used at the IDE department of Halmstad University as a platform for developing new applications as well as for educational purposes in the area of embedded and intelligent systems.  The interface is programmed in C and consists of a collection of device drivers for different components of PIE in the form of reactive objects.

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