An Analysis of How Aditi Plattform AB, a Social Enterprise Start-up, Effectively can Present their Social Value to Investors

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: This thesis addresses the current debate regarding social enterprises and their social value.The thesis is based upon a qualitative study of the case company’s situation. It is an inductivestudy, based on findings that come from interviews and a framework rooted from existingliterature, leading to a conclusion based upon the semi-structured interviews. The literaturereview has been chosen based on the keywords SROI, social enterprises, social value,Swedish investments in social enterprises and it tries to follow the suggested research fieldmany of these articles point to. The aim of the thesis is to look at the current situation ofsocial entrepreneurship through the eyes of the case company and how they present theirsocial value to potential investors, as well as how investors measure social value as of today.

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