MassMotion Evacuation Model Validation

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Brandteknik

Abstract: The thesis purpose is to validate a set of functionalities of MassMotion. MassMotion is an evacuation model that can simulate the pedestrian movement in a 2D environment and visualize it in a 3D environment. Three tests were proposed to examine different functionalities which are: pedestrian walking behaviour where total arrival time, flow rates and density are examined, pre-evacuation times that are produced by MassMotion and the representation of pedestrian behaviour in a cinema theatre experiment, and finally to scrutinize the stair merging ratios where two flows of pedestrian meet at certain place. In addition, uncertainty analysis of the results was also performed for different parameters. Also, behavioural uncertainty of the total arrival time results was examined employing the functional analysis method in corridor test and stair merging test. The benchmark tests that were used is a corridor test which was conducted at Lund University, a cinema theatre which was conducted in Lund, and a stair merging test which was conducted in Japan. Two sets of scenarios were adopted: default input settings and specified input settings. The simulated total arrival time of the specified settings deviates from 0% to 13% compared to the experimental data, while the default settings deviate from 47% to 60%. In addition, the representation of pre-evacuation times was coherent with the benchmark experiment. Finally, the merging ratio percentage in stairs can be in the range of 52% to 66%.

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