Collective memory- The metro art museum in Stockholm

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Juntian Lin; [2022]

Keywords: Metro art; museum;

Abstract: Stockholm metro stations have the longest gallery in the world and is one of the most significant things in the entire city. The artworks of each metro station is unique and related to the city context.  In addition, taking subway is an important way of transportation in Stockholm. People take the subway to other parts of the city in a hurry, but most of them ignore the beauty of the artworks and also don't have a deep understanding of the story behind it. So I think that a museum space that can evoke people's feeling about the artworks in metro station and touch the collective memory is needed. The site of the art museum is located in city center area. Orgelpipan 4&5 have a deep relationship with the construction of the T-Centralen metro station, especially the basement part of the Orgelpipan 4 has six huge arches structure from the metro station. So my main focus is to reuse the basement space as the art museum, trying to open the space  to the public. When people stand in front of the metro artworks in the museum, people may be familiar with some artworks that can recall the memory of the station and the place. And also maybe they can find some interesting artworks they never seen that can give people some motivation to look at the artworks at the real site-the metro station. In this way, people can have a colser relationship to the Stockholm city.

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