Organizational values at Swedbank : A comparative study of the Central region

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


In this thesis, the author strives to examine commitment to organizational values at Swedbank – the Central region through a longitudinal study at three different organizational levels (regional management team, branch manager and assistant branch manager) and this by a broader perspective. In order to gain a better understanding of the chosen subject the study proceeds with a theoretical framework that is concentrated to commitment to organizational values and three factors that might affect this commitment, namely; education, employment time and organizational function. Furthermore, a qualititative approach was used to collect the empirical data consisting of interviews.

The purpose of this thesis is to closely examine how three managers at different organizational functions have worked with the organizational values and their employees’ commitment to the values during the last year by studying the three variables; education, employment time and organizational function. The conclusions highlights education and organizational function as two factors that have gained more focus in the managers work with committing their employees to the values. Education plays a crucial role since the manager’s uses similar approaches to some extent but also other methods. The regional management team stands out due to the group reflections. The branch manager is also using a somewhat more unique approach, monthly dialogues. Since the three organizational values; open, simple and caring are not explicitly defined, and are more generally stated there is room for interpretation and education is argued to be the solution for this issue. The importance of organizational function is highlighted in different aspects- balancing hard and soft goals and also the importance of leaders - delegation of responsibility. Regarding the factor employment time, the three interviews were united in this question. No employee has yet displayed a lack of commitment. However, those who have incorporated the values in a good way have done this in a personal way.

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