Discrete time variational mechanics of multidomain systems : Applications to coupled electronic, hydraulic, and multibody systems

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för fysik

Author: Tomas Sjöström; [2012]

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Abstract: Today there exist few non-smooth multi-domain simulation tools using time-discretized Lagrangian mechanics for circuits.The main goal is to show that itis possible to use a semi-implicit, parameter free non-smooth variational timestepper to simulate the circuits with time-steps proportional to the system timescales.This is demonstrated by implementing and performing extensive numericaltests for various types of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components anddemonstrate that the components are stable, with the correct behavior whenthe system is solved using a modified block pivot solver.Simulation results shows that piecewise linear models are enough for thesimple switching circuits in this thesis.

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