Anomaly detection based on multiple streaming sensor data

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationssystem och –teknologi

Abstract: Today, the Internet of Things is widely used in various fields, such as factories, public facilities, and even homes. The use of the Internet of Things involves a large number of sensor devices that collect various types of data in real time, such as machine voltage, current, and temperature. These devices will generate a large amount of streaming sensor data. These data can be used to make the data analysis, which can discover hidden relation such as monitoring operating status of a machine, detecting anomalies and alerting the company in time to avoid significant losses. Therefore, the application of anomaly detection in the field of data mining is very extensive. This paper proposes an anomaly detection method based on multiple streaming sensor data and performs anomaly detection on three data sets which are from the real company. First, this project proposes the state transition detection algorithm, state classification algorithm, and the correlation analysis method based on frequency. Then two algorithms were implemented in Python, and then make the correlation analysis using the results from the system to find some possible meaningful relations which can be used in the anomaly detection. Finally, calculate the accuracy and time complexity of the system, and then evaluated its feasibility and scalability. From the evaluation result, it is concluded that the method

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