Understanding farmer production strategies in context of policies for adaptation to floods in Vietnam : case study at two communes, An Giang province, Vietnam

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: Adaptation has an important role in reducing the livelihood impacts of climate change, floods and other risks. However, the analysis of adaptation needs to be integrated with other factors. This study explores how the irrigation and dyke system affect the way of adaptation with flood of local people, as well as investigating the factors that influence changes in farmer’s decision making on production structure, in order to adapt with floods. The study was carried out in two communes of Chau Phu and Cho Moi district of An Giang province; Binh Phu and Kien An communes, through using PRA tools in group discussion and in-depth interview. The results show that adaptation to floods is related to many factors, such as government policy, natural conditions, and climate condition, market price of agriculture products and household conditions, which were considered in the analysis of adaptation. Adaptation is one part of the household’s decision making on production structure, and it varies for different groups of local peoples with different conditions.

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