Litteraturstödet, en fot i graven? : En kontextuell analys av den ideologiska grunden till Boken – Litteraturutredningens huvudbetänkande och Betänkande av Kulturutredningen 2009

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för förlags- och bokmarknadskunskap

Abstract: This essay is about two of the most important surveys concerning cultural politics in Sweden. The first is the survey Boken – Litteraturutredningens huvudbetänkande/1968 års litteraturutredning from 1974, which was a part of the groundwork for the politics concerning literature in Sweden. The other one is Betänkande av Kulturutredningen 2009, which is an attempt to make great structural changes to the current political organization. Our aim was to contextualize the two surveys from an ideological and economic point of view. We wanted to see what the influences and assumptions of the authors were. Having done this, we came to the conclusion that the neoliberal shift in the western economies during the eighties and nineties, will soon reach the cultural sector as well. This is a part of society that still operates under rules of Keynesian economics in Sweden. A state the authors of the 2009 survey want to change.

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