EU as Global Actor/ A Response to Syrian Crisis

University essay from Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle

Author: Vivek Noel Dinker Munigala; [2012]

Keywords: EU Global Actor;

Abstract: The most happening in today’s world is the issue of global warming and the Arab spring. They both are matters of concern and the term globalization explains their complication. A lot of aspects in this world are inter-connected, starting from events of climate change to events of the Arab spring they all require an international response. The happenings in the Arab spring have jeopardized the common values, mutual interests and the democratic values the world is building upon. It is a huge hit to the modern society with so many existing organizations, institutions and rule of law that are contradicting these events. In consideration with these events, this paper will concentrate on EU and its institutional capability in resolving the issues of Arab spring. Regardless, that these events have a global influence. EU’s response will be reflected considering its interests in the region and geo-political location. The interpretation will have emphasis on preliminary and present EU-Syria relations in co-ordination with theory and policy conditions. The theory used in this regard will be Liberal Intergovernmentalism (LI) and the policy conditions that would be referred to is Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

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