Design, modeling and implementation of the power train of an electric racing car : Control of a permanent magnet machine and implementation of a torque vectoring process in a FSAE car

University essay from KTH/Fordonsdynamik

Author: Sylvain Blaszykowski; [2013]

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Abstract: This work emphasize the design, implementation and optimization of an electric power train for a Formula Student racing car. As a first part, theory and control of a PMSM machine, in an automotive context is investigated: a CAN bus communication system has been implemented and a field weakening strategy. Precise modeling of the car has then been performed using CarMaker, developed by IPG and making it possible to perform accurate tests and forecast regarding the performances of the vehicle. This model was then used to develop and test different launch control strategies together with a torque vectoring strategy and study the influence of different parameters on the vehicle performances.

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