UPPROP NITROLACK - A conversion of two industrial buildings  into a new public space for Lövholmen

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: The former industrial area Called Lövholmen in Stockholm is in a state of transformation, it is about to open up to the public for the first time in over a hundred years. The idea from the municipality and the property owners is to develop a new housing area and a majority of the remaining buildings is planned to be demolished. The suggestion received a lot of criticism and has sparked local people to engage with the future of Lövholmen and an organisation was founded called FOCUS LÖVHOLMEN, UPPROP NITROLACK. When the demolition permit on Nitrolack factory was filed, Upprop Nitrolack started a petition to stop it and (together with other organisations and institutions) successfully appealed the permit for now.  This project aims to explore the transformation of an existing structure, in an attempt to repurpose and reconfigure a structure in an ever-evolving urban context and to accept change as a part of creation. Two former industrial buildings in a typical post industrial site is set to be transformed into a new public space for Lövholmen. The project aims to discuss a series of questions:  -How can Nitrolackfabriken and Förbandsfabriken be repurposed?  -What spatial qualities can be achieved by engaging with existing structures? -How can architectural and historical qualities be preserved while transforming a place and adding new elements? -How can both change and preservation be considered simultaneously?  

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