Local Product Labelling as an Option for Promoting Locally Produced Products. The case of Söderslätt Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: The use of a label for locally produced products is seen as a good way of promoting these products in Söderslätt and, thereby, promoting regional development. The only common meaning of the concept ?local? is the reference to a geographical area, even though the size of the area differs. Local products are associated with characteristics such as environment, ethics, health, quality and support of the local economy. Surveys on consumer interest in local products and how these products should be visualised show that an interest in these products exists and that consumers would pay at least as much for a locally produced food product as for a non-local food product, at the same quality level. Between the two investigated consumer groups, local inhabitants and tourists, it was found that whereas locals were mainly interested in food products to be promoted as local, tourists also showed an interest in local non-food products. Both consumer groups were positive towards labelling of local products, although local inhabitants stated a preference to using text in addition to symbols. Tourists claimed to need only symbols. In general, there is also an interest in paying a moderate premium price. The most preferable place to purchase locally produced products is in the grocery stores. One way to increase the visibility of labelled local products is for producers of local products to cooperate with retailers and thereby reach a large number of consumers.

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