Fast Map Rendering for Mobile Devices

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Yauheniya Renhart; [2010-09-24]

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Abstract: Despite rapid development of mobile technologies mobile graphics still has performance and qualityproblems, which are critical for map applications. A number of graphics APIs, libraries andoptimization techniques exist nowadays. The research question of this work is what graphics solutionto choose for mobile map applications for both Java ME and Android platforms. The researchobjectives are identification of important qualities of map rendering as well as graphics APIs, librariesand drawing techniques evaluation. Basing on APIs evaluation recommendations for graphics solutionsare formulated. The method included investigation of APIs specifications and articles and a series ofexperiments conducted on several mobile phones. The findings from this research give evidence thatstandard graphics API for Java ME has the best performance for the majority of phones. On the otherhand a newer Mobile 3D Graphics API is faster only for few hardware accelerated phones. Theresearch demonstrated that OpenGL ES for Android can be more efficient than Custom 2D API but notin all cases. Thus it is recommended to use OpenGL ES API for map applications only under certainconditions, while Custom 2D API is always applicable. It is concluded from the research that thesimplest and oldest solutions can still be the most efficient. However in some cases a betterperformance can be achieved with newer APIs that take advantage of hardware acceleration.

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