Customized Marketing - An approach for SMEs to improve customer satisfaction : The case of firms operating in the shipping industry

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Abstract: Nowadays, firms are increasingly recognizing the true value of customer satisfaction. In the major market, Mass Customization has emerged trend as firms started to recognize the value of their existing services. The main goal for the company of Mass Customization is to make a balance between matching the customized demands of major customers and acquiring as much benefits. For the sake of survival and growth, the SMEs need to optimize strategy, but it is really difficult to challenge the position of leading firms. Meanwhile, there are potential customers who are large amounts but small size for each individual, most of them have the strong willing to request the customized service because they have specific requirements, which the existing mass customization could not fulfill their needs. Therefore, start or enhance the customized service could be considered as a great way to seize the niche market customers. Purpose of this article is to find out the close contact between customized marketing and customer satisfaction. Depth analysis of a small shipping company is provided in this study. By studying the specific measures of customized marketing in the successful small shipping company, we attempt to find the answer to the following research question: How does customized marketing act on the improvement of customer satisfaction for SMEs? In methodology part we describe our research method: single case but we use mixed method research. Both interview and survey were practiced for data collection. The research results show that customized marketing has the significant positive impact on customer satisfaction, and the different services aspects of customized marketing are varying degrees of effect to customer satisfaction. As a result of studying, some customized marketing measures are indicated which SMEs could implement to effectively improve customer satisfaction.

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