A study of recruitment channels in Sweden. Which factors shape businesses recruitment behaviour?

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


This paper examines an area of the recruitment process in today’s labour market from the point of view of the employer. More specifically, an analysis is conducted with respect to the recruitment channels that Swedish firms utilise in the present days, combined with a detailed discussion of each of the recruitment channels’ comparative advantages and disadvantages. In addition to that the factors that determine employers’ selection of recruitment channel are examined and the relative importance of each of these factors is assessed. Furthermore, the degree of importance that firms place on finding the best available candidate for a vacant position will be investigated. Finally, it will be discussed whether or not the recent global financial crisis has lead to changes as far as firms’ choice of recruitment channel(s) is/are concerned. The study reveals among others that contacts and recruitment agencies are the two most highly utilised recruitment channels, especially for the hiring of individuals who possess high levels of skill. Similarly, the analysis indicates that locating high quality candidates is the most influential factor for employers who are seeking new candidates. Other results reveal, among others, that recruitment costs are of comparably higher importance to smaller organisations than to larger ones, that large firms use formal recruitment channels to a larger extent than small ones do, and that a substantial amount of companies have changed their choice of recruitment channel since the occurrence of the global financial crisis.

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