University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to generate a set of guidelines aimed to provide practicalityfor organizations looking to implement or enhance their internal whistleblowing system. Theguidelines will serve as a direct response to EU-directive 2019/1937 entering into force in 2021.Given that the current research has been scattered both in terms of area of focus as well assuggested course of action, this report will present a more unified front within the overarchingtopic of whistleblowing system infrastructure. The report contributes to the field throughidentifying several essential features of such a system by assessing previous research togetherwith what employees perceive as beneficial, which will be tested through an in-depth singlecase study.The data was collected through a systematic literature review as well as semi-structuredinterviews. The results of the analysis have outlined six major factors deemed relevant for theestablishment or refinement of an internal whistleblowing system. Those factors are awareness& training, system management, system set-up & process, identity protection, retaliation andfeedback & follow up. Within the context of guidelines these factors were reformed intoelements that aimed to provide practical directives regarding the type of action that theinterested companies should perform in order to run a successful internal whistleblowingsystem. Namely, the companies should establish creative methods for communication, delegatethe most independent entity as executive authority, create a neat and easy to use online system,implement flexible anonymity, facilitate an accepting environment with local managers andkeep the whistleblower in the loop. Through providing these guidelines, this research willcontribute towards establishing a more concrete basis on which an internal whistleblowingsystem would not be viewed as symbolic, but rather something widely utilized.

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