Nuclear reactor core model for the advancednuclear fuel cycle simulator FANCSEE. Advanceduse of Monte Carlo methods in nuclear reactorcalculations

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Abstract: A detailed reactor core modeling of the LOVIISA-2 PWR and FORSMARK-3BWR was performed in the Serpent 2 Continuous Energy Monte-Carlocode.Both models of the reactors were completed but the approximations ofthe atomic densities of nuclides present in the core differedsignificantly.In the LOVIISA-2 PWR, the predicted atomic density for the nuclidesapproximated by Chebyshev Rational Approximation method (CRAM)coincided with the corrected atomic density simulated by the Serpent2 program. In the case of FORSMARK-3 BWR, the atomic density fromCRAM poorly approximated the data returned by the simulation inSerpent 2. Due to boiling of the moderator in the core of FORSMARK-3,the model seemed to encounter problems of fission density, whichyielded unusable results.The results based on the models of the reactor cores are significantto the FANCSEE Nuclear fuel cycle simulator, which will be used as adataset for the nuclear fuel cycle burnup in the reactors.

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