Customer satisfaction in E-Commerce : A case study of China and Bangladesh

University essay from Högskolan Väst/Institutionen för ekonomi och it; Högskolan Väst/Institutionen för ekonomi och it


As information technology and the popularity of Internet technology and in-depth applications, e-commerce is at unprecedented pace. People become more and more the focus of attention. At present, relatively fast development of e-commerce activities are online sales, online promotions, and online services. Globalization of electronic commerce as the development of enterprises provided many opportunities, but in developing country’s electricity business is still in the initial stage of development, how to improve e-commerce environment of consumer satisfaction, consumer loyalty and thus, related to the electron the performance of business enterprises. Therefore, to the upsurge in e-commerce for more benefits, for many enterprises, there is still need for careful analysis of the business environment electricity consumer behavior, understanding the factors that affect their consumption and thus the basis of network marketing the characteristics of the network setup customer satisfaction evaluation index system, then the theory based on customer satisfaction, on this basis to take corresponding countermeasures, the development of effective and reasonable marketing strategy, E-commerce can improve business performance, and promote the sound development of their self. At present, domestic and international network of scholars on consumer psychology, motivation and behavior have more exposition, however, how in e-commerce environment impact factors of customer satisfaction and how to improve e-commerce customer satisfaction studies are not many see. This article is from the analysis the impact of e-commerce network environment factors in consumer satisfaction.

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