Sustainable Neighbourhood Design in Jakobsgårdarna, Borlänge

University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Energiteknik

Abstract: Energy efficient houses benefit communities not only to provide renewable energy shares and generating surplus electricity supporting local economic development. Also, residents in energy efficient houses have less energy usage that reduces household budget expenses. However, one of the obstacles of energy efficient technology installment of residential buildings is high investment cost, which can be solved with the usage of modular housing. In Europe, housing costs have a large share, especially for Sweden, housing expenses is a burden mostly for people who are at the risk of poverty. Also, high investment costs of energy efficient housing are combined with high construction prices leading a large share of budgets and effort to make houses affordable for low income groups. This study develops a scenario to find solutions for affordable housing problem in Sweden with a design proposal. The aim of this study is to investigate if there are ways of achieving socio-economic mix by the production of energy efficient affordable housing and urban gardening to develop a strategy for resource efficiency in Jakobsgårdarna. To achieve the aim, energy efficient affordable housing designed as modular units to achieve a local economic development. This study uses a design-based research method consisting of learning from background cases to transfer lesson learned in design phase of the sustainable neighborhood consisting of energy efficient technologies. Background cases were analyzed with literature review to define sustainable neighborhood, which was then used to develop a hypothesis. Findings of this thesis generates definition of sustainability tools consisting of a collaborative ownership; designing common kitchens; producing electricity and biogas from renewable energy sources; practicing urban agriculture; managing waste and storm and methods to cross subsidize energy efficient affordable housing production. The outcome of this research provides a sustainable neighborhood design proposal for Jacobsgårdarna, Borlänge.

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