Meeting the Audience and Myself. A singer’s search for reflection through music

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Abstract: As a classical singer, I have asked myself in what way I can meet my audience, and how tomove into a new context. I have wondered how I can create and use immersive music experiences as a tool for reflection, and in what way can I use lyrics as a starting point. To find answers, I created three different projects: a music video, a meditative concert and a sung “exploration” in a water reservoir, all based on my personal connection to the lyrics. I tried three different ways for the audience to listen to the music, with headphones, lying down or wrapped in blankets in a dark reservoir. I also tried three different ways for the audience to reflect afterwards, by immediate interpreting, writing and talking. I have found that several layers of understanding are created around a performance, when the audience is asked to first immerse and then share their experience afterwards. This is a way for me to meet my audience and myself.

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