A holistic view of marketing communication of accessories – A case study of Axis Communications

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Background For a long time, Axis has mainly focused on network cameras. But lately Axis is turning its focus towards a different kind of approach, looking more at the customers and their needs, which has given end-to-end solutions and customer segments increased attention in different departments within Axis. A sustainable portion of Axis’ offering is its accessories, but this branch of products has never received any particular interest. This case study aims to deepen the knowledge on how Axis communicates accessories and find ways to improve it both internally and externally. Purpose The purpose of this research is to develop a framework that underlines the areas that high-technology companies can work with in order to improve their marketing communication of accessories. Method The project has been conducted as a case study in combination with explorative and problem-solving approaches for the different research questions. The case study is a qualitative study based on interviews with 18 different stakeholders with insight to the marketing communication and sales of accessories at Axis Communications. Conclusions Existing literature offers little guidance for high-technology companies who wishes to improve their marketing communication of accessories. This study shows that there are good reasons for companies to evaluate their work, and that is why a new framework has been proposed with the intention to work as an inspiration and guidance for the companies who want to improve their marketing communication of accessories. Furthermore, a call-to-action plan has been created for Axis, which contains concrete measures and improvement areas that has been identified on the basis of the framework during the study.

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