Parking Pricing for shopping centre - TäbyCentrum

University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

Author: Nessrin Qattan; [2014]

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This paper reports on a study of parking pricing in a shopping centre, Täby

Centrum. Customers play a critical role in a shopping centre, and not least for

the centre’s turnover.

This study seeks to determine the optimal parking fee given to customers of

Täby Centrum, without dramatically changing the behaviour of the customers.

A study was done, involving 104 parking customers, where questions were asked

in order to gain an understanding of their behaviour.

Findings show that most customers stay for an hour at most, and usually shops

in the beginning of their visit.

The study shows that implementing a fee system with 10SEK per 20 minutes

is the best option for Täby Centrum, after offering a 2hours free parking (+1

free parking with loyalty card).

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