Optimization of Computer Clusters. : A Cost- Efficient Approach to License Distribution.

University essay from KTH/Optimeringslära och systemteori

Author: Julia Ye; [2014]

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This study is formed with respect to finding a suitable optimization method of the total costs for the number of jobs that are executed in a FEM solver at Scania. FEM (Finite Element Method) is a solution method for solid mechanic problems. It is good to withhold the calculation speed with GPU, CPU and licenses taken into consideration. Computer clusters are usable for the purpose of optimizing the solving speed. Several factors are involved and it is appropriate to consider many parameters to finally end up in a consequent method.

The total cost

ΣiNi . ( licence cost + hardware cost) was minimized and simulated with respect to the parameters: core number and number of GPU. N is the number of jobs executed. Linear constraints were added to further precise the model though the primary task was to formulate the optimization problem.

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