Students’ Motives to Enroll in Sayed Jamaludin Teacher Training College, Afghanistan : Math Students’ Enrolled in the Math Department

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet

Author: Ehsanullah Rahim; [2013]

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In the age we are living, we require more to learn because advancement in science and technology needs more knowledge. Such knowledge comes from deep studies which require more attentive focus. It is mathematics that have role in developing technology. Students learn mathematics in order to gain knowledge enough about making the technology and usage of it. There are some motives that can co-operate the learners to choose mathematics as their majors. It is very important to know about the motives that makes students learn. Being aware of these motives, help teachers to create a situation that make students more active and help students to learn more. Students are different from each other; their wishes, aims, learning styles, etc are different. In the time, there are different motives that motivate the students in different ways. In this study I have strived to find some common but main motives that make students learn mathematics in Sayed Jamaludin teacher training college. The actual rate of learner`s enrolment in the mathematics department of Sayed Jamaludin teacher training college is higher. However, some people believe that mathematics is hard to learn and it is also clear that the students who graduate from the college will be teachers. Still, the students prefer to learn in this department. So I wanted to explore about the motives behind this issue. This study has investigated about motives which are stated in research questions for this purpose, the study was conducted in Sayed Jamaludin teacher training college and it is the first time that such research had launched in mathematics department of this college. In this study questionnaires have been used as data collection tools. The questionnaires have distributed to 30 mathematics teachers and 100 students in Sayed Jamaludin teacher training college. Since number of female students is higher rather than males, therefore most of (66 0ut of 100) questionnaires were answered by females. The main findings of this study are students’ personal interest in learning mathematics, teaching mathematics, being confident to have brilliant future as a mathematics teacher and achieving an academic degree. These motives made the learners to join to the mathematics department at Sayed Jamaludin teacher training college. Finding of this study indicates that we should aware of the motives behind choosing mathematics as learners` major in their study. Through such knowledge we can persuade our students to do their best in learning mathematics. Besides, the official can empower the movies of the learners by offering jobs after graduation. These activities can make the student learn better.

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