University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Adrian Lyxell; [2020]

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Abstract: ‘This BDI-model (beliefs, desires and intents) is a very commonly used method for modeling intelligent agents. Th‘e model is very commonly extended with new features and att‹ributes. Th‘is thesis presents a new such extension of the BDI-model with added social awareness. Multi-agent system can be very computationally complex so in order to €find out how well this architecture would work, a complexity analysis was made. Th‘e results of this analysis shows that the agent always will select a goal that appears to be desirable by other agents in the environment. It does however come with a computational cost where the amount of di‚fferent options the agent has to choose from plays a big part in the speed of the algorithm.

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