Gas Flaring in Nigeria: Analyzing the Impact of Governance and Sustainability in the Niger Delta

University essay from Lunds universitet/Graduate School; Lunds universitet/Master of Science in Global Studies

Abstract: Gas flaring is a global issue but more especially for developing countries who are faced with various health and environmental challenges. This research paper focusses on the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, who are among the highest ranked for the amount of natural gas flared in the process of oil exploration and extraction. The study is aimed at reviewing the existing literatures, which will help to investigate the impact of gas flaring in Nigeria, and the operation of oil companies in the Niger Delta. The study will also investigate why gas flaring is still a common practice in the Niger Delta, even though the practice is banned in the country. The study examines the theoretical framework for gas flaring and its impact on the socio-economic and environment of the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. However, environmental sustainability approach is suggested as a more useful approach to tackle environmental impact of gas flaring among the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta. The socio-economic impact of gas flaring was evaluated using socio-economical approach of sustainability. Given the environmental and health impact of gas flaring on the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta, the research paper looked at the impact of poor governance and how they affect the effort of ending gas flaring in the Niger Delta. The empirical findings reveal that for the government of Nigeria and oil companies to tackle the issues of gas of flaring, improved infrastructure and regulatory mechanism should be achieved. The same approach should be given to endemic corruption practice and the security issues in the region. The study reveals that these factors are contributing to the problem of gas flaring. Therefore, to tackle the overall impact of gas flaring in the Niger Delta, it requires the application of sustainable governance approach that will address the practice of gas flaring, economic hardship, environmental and health challenges through implementation of good regulatory policies and sustainable development.

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