Att existera i två olika kulturer: en studie om unga människors identitet och tillhörighetskänsla

University essay from Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Abstract: This essay treats the theme about processes of identitycreation and feelings of belonging on a couple of young bosnians who are resident in Malmö. The studies background takes starting point in the life after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the late 19: th century and the new life situation in the swedish society. The problemformulation is based on the handle of the different repositions that many individuals with immigrantbackground meet in the new society. The purpose with this study is to further investigate and create a picture on how the young bosnians describes the split between two cultures and in addition how theyself experience their identity and belonging in circumstance to Sweden and the past homecountry. The mainquestions that are beeing brought to be: How is the young people's identity and feelings of belonging while existing in two different worlds? How do they experience their meeting with the swedish society? How do they experience meeting between these two cultural worlds and what does it mean to them? The essay is an empirical investigation and the method that is being used has a qualitative character. The studies point lies on empirical material, videlicet seven bosnians own experiences. The theorychapter endures Anthony Giddens structuretheory and George Herbert Meads: the human's ideological consciousness. The conceptions that we bring up in this chapter are: ontological safeness, identity and identitycreation, ethnicity, culture and socialization. The studies result was analyzed on the basis of a hermeneutic researchapproach with dialectic review of collected material. The final conclusion shows among other things insecureness and dissonance what matters young bosnians identity, belongings and outsiding to both Sweden and the earlier homecountry.

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