The Distribution System Operator : A Changing Role

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

Author: Tomas Björlin Svozil; [2013]

Keywords: ;


With the introduction of distributed generation and

information and communication technology the

distribution system operator need to adapt to the

changing circumstances of the market place. This has

put requirements on the distribution system operator

to transform from a passive management philosophy

and become pro-active in its management of the


The aim of this report is to investigate how the

changing market place will put new requirements on

the distribution system operator and how it will

transform its business model.

The pro-active distribution system operator will have

to manage new type of consumers (Prosumer, DGO/

Aggregator, TSO) with different contracts and new

consumer relationships. These new consumers will be

in need of faster (real-time) and more transparent

information in order to support the system and its

system services.

The Distribution system operator will have to

transform from being passive and become pro-active

in order to solve the new requirements that it will

face, in order to produce value for its consumers and


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