Renewable energy development in Jamaica. “One hand can’t clap” A perspective on partnership for overcoming the barriers to the implementation of renewable electricity production

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: This thesis provides an insight into Jamaica’s energy situation and its electricity sector through the barriers that prevent the implementation of renewable energy. In both the energy sector and electricity sub-sector the need to incorporate alternative energy sources, it has revealed, is becoming more apparent with increasing oil prices, widening debt burdens and rising unemployment, among others. The use of renewable energy as an alternative to the conventional energy system provides the opportunity for improvement in Jamaica’s economy, society and environment. The research examines the status of renewable energy in Jamaica, taking into account the legislative and regulatory framework, the main actors within the energy and electricity sub-sector, along with public-private partnership for renewable energy. The research establishes how a good policy and supporting system can address the barriers to the implementation of renewable energy, and how public-private partnership can be used as a tool for overcoming these. The results suggest that partnership is a driver for long term commitment, and that good governance between the public sector and private entities and renewable energy policy is necessary for its implementation.

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